Aboriginal Power- New Book Launch by Chris Henderson

I am pleased to pass on this exciting announcement from environmental and civic leader (and friend!) Chris Henderson!

I am pleased to announce that my book Aboriginal Power (www.aboriginalpower.ca) is published!

Details about the book can be seen at www.aboriginalpower.ca, including purchasing information.  The website also includes the schedule for launch events across the country in June.  You can sign up to receive monthly information on projects, policy developments and people which will be posted at www.aboriginalpower.ca.

A Profile of the book is attached for your information.  I would greatly appreciate you sharing the Profile, and this email with colleagues.

Aboriginal Power is jam-packed with information: including evocative stories, public policy innovations and project snapshots from every region of Canada. Key topics covered.


The Seven Mega Trends of Aboriginal power for Canada

Critical Success Factors for clean energy projects

Aboriginal Renewable Energy Partnerships

Indigenous Community Decision-Making

Project Financing and Economic Development

Canada’s Northern and Remote communities

Aboriginal Power will be of particular interest to First Nations, Métis and Inuit leaders, elected officials, business executives, finance companies, public policy makers and the country’s energy sector.  Readers will garner a deeper insight into why clean, green and sustainable energy is crucial to the prosperity of Aboriginal communities and the economic and environmental future of Canada.

Arrangements for speaking engagements or organizational presentations on Aboriginal Power may be made.  Details are on the www.aboriginalpower.ca, or contact Rachael Simpson (rsimpson@delphi.ca, 613-562-2005 x 240).


Check out www.aboriginalpower.ca.

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