About George Brown Law

George Brown Law is a legal and consulting firm committed to serving individuals and community organizations who believe that they can make a positive difference in our community.  If you are a prospective new immigrant who can’t wait to contribute your skills and talents or a new social enterprise with an innovative way of solving old problems … George Brown Law is the Firm for you.

Our key focus areas are:

Public Law

George is focusing his legal practice in the two primary areas in which he has extensive experience: immigration/refugee law and community development law (social enterprise & co-operative development; impact investment). George is also trained and experienced in mediation, the drafting of Wills & Powers of Attorney and Personal Injury law.

Public Affairs

Let George put his over 25 years of leadership and experience in economic development at the community level to work for your organization.  He is a recognized community leader who understands the dynamics of decision making at all levels of government, with an identified expertise in municipal issues.

Public Interest

George believes that all citizens have the right to affordable legal representation.  He is registered with the Administrative law Panel of Ontario’s Legal Aid program. George devotes a significant part of his professional life to providing ProBono services to the community.