America the Possible – A Vision for a Canada as well!


Take a guess: Out of the world’s top developed nations, which country has:

The greatest income inequality?

The highest rate of poverty?

The worst score on the Environmental Performance Index?

The highest consumption of anti-depressants per person?
Give up? It’s the United States.
I have six grandchildren, ages one though nine, and all I can think about is the world they will be inheriting. Right now, our beloved country is headed for a place I would not want for them.

Thankfully, there is an America the Possible: the place we truly want for our children and for ourselves — focused on simple living, community pride, and good citizenship.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve worked with the Center for a New American Dream to create a new, hand-illustrated animation outlining ways that we can refocus our families, communities, and country on building a society that is more about relationships and less about the rat race.

It is still possible to create something beautiful for our children and grandchildren, but only if we start building it now.

Click here to watch the video, and let’s get moving toward a brighter future filled with safe streets, supportive local economies, and a healthier world for everyone.
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