Carleton becomes Hub of Immigration Research with Addition of Metropolis

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Carleton University have signed an agreement to transfer the Metropolis Secretariat to Carleton where it will continue its work in the field of international migration and population diversity.  Metropolis at Carleton University will continue to support the longstanding Metropolis mandate of enhancing policy through research in the field of migration.  With the other Metropolis offices in Amsterdam, Seoul, and Manila, metropolis contributes to the global migration debate through the research that it stimulates at Carleton and elsewhere in the world, and through its numerous conferences, public lectures, and policy-research roundtables.  Metropolis will continue to manage the International Metropolis Conference, which attracts some 1000 people and is regarded as one of the most important annual migration conferences in the world.

Metropolis at Carleton will stimulate research and policy discussions on migration and its effects on societies, including population diversity, economic effects, and geo-political effects.  It will continue the expansion of Metropolis’s international network and will offer research-based analysis and advice to organizations in this field of endeavour throughout Canada and the world.

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