Let’s discuss the LEAP Manifesto! – June 14th 6:30- City Hall

Progressive friends in Ottawa:   I hope this email finds you well. This is a quick pitch about a community forum being organized soon (June 14) on the Leap Manifesto. As you likely know, the Leap Manifesto has been widely criticized in the mainstream press, and it’s caused major debates on the left. We think something that [...]

Quote of the Day

“The day capitalism is forced to tolerate non-capitalist societies in its midst and to acknowledge limits in its quest for domination, the day it is forced to recognize that its supply of raw material will not be endless, is the day when change will come.  If there is any hope for the world at all, [...]

Climate of Change: An “Inside-Outside” Strategy Against Global Warming?

Democracy Uprising contains articles and essays by Mark Engler, author of How to Rule the World: The Coming Battle Over the Global Economy, on politics, globalization, and activism. via Climate of Change: An “Inside-Outside” Strategy Against Global Warming?.