Tax & Financial Support Workshops – ACORN Canada & Ottawa ACORN

These workshops are for low- to moderate-income people who identify as: – Self-employed  – entrepreneurs – contractors – freelancers – proprietors – Small Business owners Anyone who would like to learn more about good bookkeeping, tax filing, available benefits and credits, and smart financial practices would benefit greatly from attending these workshops! Costs :  Cost-recovery [...]

Sickened by the Panama Banking Scandal…here is where we can do something about it!

What will a fairer and more democratic economy look like? From worker-owned factories to the Movement for Black Lives, the seeds of that society are already sprouting. Growing them means telling better stories not just about what’s wrong with this economy, but how a new one—run by and for the 99 percent—can put food on [...]

New Economy Week -More great info!

While the one percent tries to convince us that we’re broke and that privatization is the only solution, the rest of us know that’s not true. Even on a finite planet, there’s enough to go around. All around the world, people are uniting behind a vision of a new economy where all people’s basic needs [...]