Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development is looking for an Executive Director!

Short Description of CISED:

At the Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED), we believe in organizations, of all shapes and sizes, which meld the pursuit of a social mission with the drive of business innovation. We offer a continuum of support for social enterprise in the city of Ottawa and eastern Ontario and have a strong portfolio of clients and a national network of partners.

Our work is focused on 4 lines of business that we are convinced are strong pillars in growing the social enterprise sector:

  1. 1.    Technical assistance and training – through an array of introductory and technical workshops to help raise awareness of the possibilities and opportunities of social enterprise
  2. 2.    Consulting and coaching – by offering reasonable non-profit rates and project-based support on all aspects of social enterprise development, from ideation to scale. We have coached all roles of social enterprise organizations, from staff to board.
  3. 3.    Legacy business transfer – to help existing small businesses transfer ownership to non-profit organizations.
  4. 4.    Social procurement and marketing – by working with social enterprises to market and broker sales with institutional and retail purchasers.

We remain committed to providing quality service to social entrepreneurs at reasonable rates. Our social goal is to increase the number, quality, sustainability and scale of social enterprise activity in Ottawa and across the region.


Summary of the Executive Director Role

Reports to: Board of Directors

Hours: 35 hours per week

Location: Working off-site and in CISED workspace.

Compensation: Negotiable

CISED requires an energetic leader to grow the organization’s impact. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) is responsible for establishing and executing CISED’s goals and objectives. The ED will provide leadership, direction and guidance of CISED’s major lines of business, which includes developing and maintaining organizational structure and personnel in this pursuit. The ED will have primary responsibility in growing the sources of revenue for CISED. The ED will seek new funding and grant opportunities.  The ED will represent CISED to regulatory bodies, community organizations, donors, funders, clients and the general public. In this role, the ED will help attract new business and will ensure that client’s needs are met, often by directing and enabling consultants working under the CISED banner.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. 1.    Business development and partnerships – the ED must have a strong talent in building strong working relationships with others, both inside and outside the organization. She or he will promote community awareness of the organization’s mission and aims, including with key external stakeholder groups, travelling when necessary to represent CISED at events. Finally, the ED will identify, research and establish funding opportunities.
  2. 2.    Service delivery – the ED will implement and grow CISED’s major lines of business. This includes demonstrating the strong technical skills that CISED is known for, leading training and coaching sessions and developing products for clients and funders. This also includes recruiting and supporting volunteer and staff, as well as brokering contracts with CISED consultants and clients.
  3. 3.    Reporting and evaluation – The ED will report as required to the Board of Directors and funders on the operation and performance of CISED. She or he will also assess and mitigate potential threats to the organization and the organization’s financial security and growth. This includes providing reliable reports on status.
  4. 4.    Administration and operation – The ED will administer the day-to-day operations of the organization, including responding to public and community requests, maintaining online presence, directing staff and volunteers and developing internal policies under the direction of the Board of Directors. Supervision of additional staff and oversee consultants as needed.



  • Enduring commitment to the prosperity of Ottawa and the region
  • Knowledge of the theories and concepts behind social entrepreneurship
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills in a small workspace
  • Excellent interpersonal and client relations skills
  • Working knowledge of social enterprise trends/tools/resources
  • Grant writing capability.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English, French language ability is an asset
  • Experience working with boards, and managing volunteers and consultants with professional skills


To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume, salary expectation, and three business references to read@justchange.ca

Submission deadline is April 17th, 11:59 pm EST

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