CFRA 580: OCDSB supports motion to provide affordable internet to low income families

Posted March 6, 2014

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is the first in Canada to support a plan demanding affordable internet access for low income families.
During a school board meeting last night, the board approved a motion asking for $10-a-month high-speed internet and subsidized computers for people below the Low Income Measure.
Social justice group Ottawa ACORN brought asked the OCDSB to support the campaign and spokesperson Curtis Bulatovich said in this day and age having internet access is crucial for students.
“You cannot do as well in your courses as your peers [without having the Internet],” said Bulatovich. “It is the biggest issue of the digital divide when you have people who just are not given a hand up for the fact that they were born in poverty.”
Bulatovich said he hoped other school boards would follow the OCDSB’s lead so the issue is brought forward to federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
Article by Alison Sandor for CFRA


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