CSI launches CommunityBonds.ca! Social Innovation at its best!

We are proud to launch CommunityBonds.ca, the website and public resource to complement our do-it-yourself guidebook, The Community Bond – An Innovation in Social Finance.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Community Bonds (CB’s)—and CSI’s pioneering work in bringing them to the limelight—is now just a click away.

The site will serve as an entry point for learning about CB’s, and reading up on other organizations making use of this innovative financing model that allowed CSI to raise $2M to help purchase and renovate its Annex building. We also hope that the site will be a place for people to learn from and support other organizations contemplating or already issuing CBs.

Visitors to the site can download an excerpt of the guidebook or purchase it, as well as a host of templates that will give your organization an idea of the legal framework required to issue Community Bonds.  There is a discussion forum to help you connect with others interested in community bonds, and a page for people to discover community investment opportunities and for nonprofits to list their bond offerings.

We’re also thrilled to learn that CSI’s investors and CEO, Tonya Surman, have been nominated for the Social Finance Awards, “an annual People’s Choice award hosted by SocialFinance.ca. The award is presented to leaders who are playing a pivotal role in catalyzing the Canadian social finance marketplace.” Visit SocialFinance.ca/awards to vote!


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