DID YOU KNOW?? Information From The World Co-operative Monitor

To commemorate the recent release of the 2014 World Co-operative Monitor – a global ranking system of the 300 largest co-operatives and mutuals in the world, produced by the International Co-operative Alliance – On Co-op has put some of the co-op statistics into a comparative perspective. 

For instance, did you know that:

  • The combined turnover of the 300 largest co-operatives and mutuals in the world ($2.2 trillion) is equivalent to being the 8th most prosperous country by GDP?
  • The annual turnover of the largest co-operative organization in Ontario (The Co-operators Group Limited, $3.01 billion) is worth more than the most valuable sports team in the world (Manchester United, $2.23 billion)?
  • If the 125,000 people living in co-operative housing in Ontario moved into one locality, it would be the 17th largest city in the province, between the populations of Kingston and Cambridge?
  • If the 671,596 people working in the co-operative sector across Canada lived in one city, it would be the 7th largest municipality in the country, between the populations of Mississauga and Winnipeg?
  • Co-ops employ almost as many people as the agricultural, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas sectors combined?
  • The $11 billion in taxes that the Canadian co-operative sector paid in 2009 is worth the equivalent of what Hollywood made in 2012 domestic box office sales?
  • The total taxes that the co-operative sector pays in Canada is worth more than the City of Toronto’s entire Operating Budget?
  • The combined turnover of the 10 largest co-operatives in Canada is worth the same as the 39 most valuable sports franchises in the world?
  • The combined turnover of the 10 largest co-operatives in Canada ($44.16 billion) is worth more than the entire GDP of the utilities sector in Canada?

The 2014 World Co-operative Monitor is bringing light to the influence and size of co-operatives on an international level. These statistics show that co-ops contribute significantly to healthy and sustainable economies in both Canada and the world over. Readers who find this information useful should keep their eyes peeled for the final report on On Co-op’s local study on the impact of co-operatives in Guelph (the first of its kind in Ontario) to be released in late February 2015.


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