Digital Access – Join with ACORN to fight for affordable internet for low income families!

Join ACORN members across Canada to fight for regulation on Bell, Rogers and Telus. Low income families need access to internet at affordable prices. Internet was declared a human right by the UN in 2013. Low income families need access to: access homework online for their children, apply for jobs, immigration, government, school or university. Let’s force Harper to bridge the digital divide. 

 ACORN Members have met with Rogers who is piloting a $10 program in Toronto but we want a faster speed and expansion across Canada. Bell refuses to meet and members are in discussion with Telus. Minister of Industry James Moore continues to refuse to meet with low income families however. the CRTC recently met withe ACORN about the government’s upcoming review on what is a basic service for telecommunications in Canada. The Harper gov’t made $45 Billion selling public internet spectrum to Bell, Telus and Rogers and continues to let them operate with little regard to the soaring prices of telecommunications. 

 Join us on August 21, 12om outside 120 Metcalfe where members will make a mock line to Parliament to show that while the free service at the library is good, low income people deserve affordable access at home. 

 PS- Just a few organizations who have endorsed the campaign- CFS Ontario, PSAC Ontario, Ottawa-Carlton District School Board, NUPGE and more!

 Please contact 613 744 7228 or  .

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