Elimu will soon be helping children in Kenya in a new and bigger way!

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Over the ten years we’ve been providing education in Kenya, Elimu has learned a great deal from the children and families in our programs.

The challenges are universal. In primary school, classes can have 50 – 70 pupils but only two or three textbooks. The teacher writes notes on the blackboard. The students scribble down what they can. Without a textbook at home, those students have no hope of completing their homework. Teachers miss class, sometimes for days at a time (reasons vary), and students are left to teach themselves.

Yet, the school system is based on memorizing and regurgitating information on to exam papers three or more times per semester. The higher your marks, the higher your chances of actually getting to high school (or beyond). In 2016, nearly 200,000 Grade 8 graduates failed to get a place in a public high school. That’s 22%!

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We’ve knocked our heads together for a couple years now to come up with a solution for our kids. And, we think we’ve got it. In fact, many leaders in the education community here agree with us.

Our solution is …

It’s a soon-to-be-opened education resource centre offering a variety of digital and traditional media to help students achieve their goals.

With eReaders, computers, printed books and a bright conducive study environment, we’ll be helping students to fill gaps:

  • Do homework using the textbook their parents can’t afford to have at home.
  • Cover syllabus they missed because a teacher didn’t show up for class by viewing one of the educational DVDs.
  • Practice the concepts covered in class using a traditional paper revision book.

Elimu staff will be around to get students motivated and to help them become more self-directed in their learning.

How are we doing it?

We recently received funding for three years of operation for the resource centre.

What we don’t have yet is funding for the set up. But, I’m not letting that stop us now. As President I’m providing a loan to Elimu so that we can begin the set up process and open the doors in time for the next school holidays — April 8th.

The full set-up budget is about $54,000. But even $60 will buy us a chair. Or, $150 will get us a set of bookshelves. $500 will provide us with a computer.

We won’t get everything right away but we really need the computers, tables, chairs, paper books and shelves to get started.

So we are reaching out. Not only for funding, but also for ideas. Many of you are well connected in your field. Can you direct us to a potential funding partner?

We’ve attached a brief funding request which outlines the project and details the budget. Please download it and give it a read.


If you can help us with ideas or introductions please contact me at nina@elimu.ca and I’ll happily follow up.

Some of you can help us with your prayers — we can’t do without those. It is a hectic and stressful but very fruitful time. We need the spiritual resources too!

Stay tuned to our Facebook pages for updates on the progress.

Greetings and warm thanks from Kenya,


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