Important Information from the Ottawa Health Coalition – vote this Saturday!

I’m just reaching out to you with a reminder about the Province-wide Referendum on Hospital Cuts (run by the Ontario Health Coalition) that is happening this Saturday May 28th from 9AM to 5PM across the city.  We are looking for some last-minute volunteers to take shifts at voting booths this Saturday- at this point we don’t have enough volunteers to keep all the voting stations open from 9AM to 5PM.  Stopping the cuts to our hospitals is essential to the preservation of our public healthcare system, and our provincial (not to mention federal) government needs to feel pressure from ontario citizens to stop these cuts.  Perhaps you can pass on the word to some friends to raise awareness that this vote is happening.  You can visit our website at ottawahealthcoalition.cafor an updated list of our May 28 voting locations, call us at 613-282-6634, e-mail, or come to our campaign office at507 Bank St (Centretown United Church).  We are having a volunteer prep meeting at the office tonight at 6:30PM, and you are welcome to come.  

Thank you, 

Elanor Sherlock

cell: 807-631-2303  work: 613-282-6634


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