Joy to the world: a vision for our future

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A message from the Findhorn Foundation

Hello everyone

I wonder how you are all feeling at this summer/winter solstice time. Whether your daytime temperature is hot and sticky, wonderfully mild or freezing cold, this year has been a global rollercoaster ride and I know many are feeling bewildered and lost.

So it is particularly wonderful that the Findhorn Foundation and Community’s angel for 2017 is VISION. This quality was drawn by a community member at our recent Solstice Spiral, laid out in the Universal Hall using winter greens. It’s always such a beautiful ritual and something I miss, being here in Sydney. Last year over 700 people walked into the spiral, reflecting on and releasing the old year, then lit a candle and walked out of the spiral, consciously stepping into the new cycle. Many people choose (or are chosen by) an angel or quality at this time (mine is RESPECT; what is yours?) and this overlights their year.

I’m reminded that a clear vision is like a roadmap, so I’m hoping all 26,000 of us, our global family, can hold a clear vision for our own lives, for our organisations and for the world we want and then live that vision in every thought and action, for without a clear vision we are going nowhere.

My vision for the world is of a vibrant, regenerative, open-hearted and wise humanity – diverse, authentic, collaborative, kind, loving, creative, compassionate, rich in spiritual alignment with a higher intelligence, and peacefully living in symbiotic relationship with our planet Earth and all species that call it home.

So it’s not surprising that I live and work where I do, given that the mission of the Findhorn Foundation and Community is to contribute in very practical ways to the creation of such a world. We do this as an inspiring and inspired living, working demonstration centre, (perfect in our imperfections,) where anyone can participate in a down-to-earth community experiment in personal, social, ecological and economic transformation.

We are so grateful for your engagement and support in this endeavour, whether physically, energetically and/or financially, all so vital for our world work. I suspect we all know this vision takes spiritual will and inspired action, not to mention a generous sprinkling of intelligence, imagination, trust and surrender. May we all contribute to this vision of a new world in our own way.

I’m thankful that others are voicing an alternative view to the rampant fear and anger I’m aware of and share with you this wonderful extract from Jeff Foster’s December newsletter. It really spoke to me.

Don’t focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with the world… See the world as it is … see the light and the dark, the love and the flight from love, the kindness and its forgetting. Understand the world. Forgive the world. Hold the world in your loving arms. She is young, and making mistakes, and learning. And from this place of love, re-enter the world. Stand strong like a rock, illuminating the world with your powerful presence. Speak up for those without a voice … bless the world you are birthing now; do not energise a dying world with your intolerance. Gather together with your brothers and sisters. Discover your true family, beyond colour, race, religion, belief. Unite in the name of love. Now you are not attacking the world but fighting alongside her, and all her angels fight with you.

And so, in the name of love, we at the Findhorn Foundation stand with you – our global family, and with the joys and sorrows you may be facing, as 2016 draws to a close. We stand with the Sioux and the other First Nation peoples taking a stand on the Standing Rock Reservation; we stand with all those whose worldview is that we are all one, interconnected and interdependent, and who are living this truth in the face of forces which would have them live otherwise. Finally, we stand with people everywhere who are seeking to birth a world that works for all, each in his/her own way, and we do this recognising that oneness contains all of life, including the parts that we regard as the ‘other’.

As I mention people seeking to birth a new world, let us remember the three founders of this community who were so totally committed to ‘building the new’. In January Dorothy Maclean (pictured right, during one of her daily walks with Foundation co-worker Yasko Takahashi) will be turning 97!! and 2017 is the centenary of the birth of both Peter and Eileen Caddy. To celebrate all that these extraordinary, dedicated and disciplined three achieved (and the fact that we too can achieve great things) please join us 1–8 July for Inner Listening, Outer Action, exploring and practising the core principles of this community’s way of serving the world: listening to the still, small voice within and work as love in action.

I leave you with a seasonal message received by Dorothy Maclean, circa 1970 and wish you much joy and peace at this solstice time.

You talk of the spirit of Christmas but seldom realise that the living force of that spirit has an embodiment more beautiful than most… This is a blessed, blessed time, when even the Scrooges of your world open their hearts, when the joy of the children builds pinnacles of power, and every continent is uplifted. We come to birth and we wield that enormous energy for good to purposes beyond your ken, purposes which irradiate the whole of the planet. Things can be done at this time of the year which would be impossible at any other time, and the building towards unity grows. We ignore the negative side of the festival; we are only concerned with the outgoing power – and what power it is when man thinks of others and less of himself… The spirit of giving … mounts to its greatest heights at this time, as the angelic overseers are given by mankind something with which they can more greatly help mankind. If you could only see yourselves as we see you, see how you start working according to your own wonderful patterns, you might perhaps take the spirit of Christmas into all of your days.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team and all Findhorn Foundation co-workers

22 December 2016



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