New Economy Coalition- CommonBound 2016, happening July 8-10 in Buffalo, New York.

A few weeks back, we announced  CommonBound 2016, happening July 8-10 in Buffalo, New York. We also announced that we were planning this year’s conference a little differently, inviting our members and other movement leaders across the U.S. and Canada to fill the program with the conversations our flawed economy needs most–and the people determined to build a new one.

Since then, 60-plus volunteer coordinators have worked with our staff to build CommonBound from the ground up, laying the foundation for what we hope to be our biggest and most dynamic gathering yet. We’ve also worked with our host committee, the Crossroads Collective–composed of 8 vibrant community-based organizations in Buffalo–to ensure CommonBound fuels local efforts and grounds participants in the critical work happening there.  Learn more about that work and the Crossroads Collective members here.

Today, we’re thrilled to bring you more news: that our full list of Workshop Tracks and Network Gatherings is now available, along with the application to submit individual workshops, due April 12.

Workshop tracks promise to touch on some of the most pressing issues facing us today, and present paths toward a fairer and more democratic society. Here are just a few of the topics they’ll take on:

  • Funneling public and private capital into grassroots solutions and redistributive agendas
  • Fostering transformative movements and policy to ensure Black life, labor and liberation matter
  • Democratizing and decarbonizing energy systems in the face of climate change
  • Using worker ownership to change-up business as usual
  • Building a fighting and innovative labor movement for the 21st century
  • …and many more!

See our full list of over 20 Workshop Tracks and Network Gatherings here, and submit your session ideas by April 12.

Workshops will range from hands-on trainings in creative direct action, to panels of leading community innovators, academics and researchers, to dispatches from the leading edges of the global solidarity economy. We’re looking for dynamic presenters of all backgrounds and educational levels to share their stories, skills and big ideas for building an economy that puts people and planet first.  Submit your workshop proposals today.

Networks Gatherings include a mix of open and closed all-day sessions for learning new skills, connecting with people doing shared work, sparking new conversations and hashing out plans for the coming months and years. You can see our full list of these gatherings now, and sign up once conference registration opens next month.

If this election cycle has proven anything, it’s that the old order is bursting at its seams. Now’s our chance to build what comes next.


Anand Jahi

Program Director, New Economy Coalition

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