Are you a Small Business Facilitator? Check out these RFPs!

We’re looking for facilitators and an advisor to deliver our entrepreneurship program to newcomers this fall.

ACORN is having their second tax and financial aid workshop coming up on July 27th -More info below!

Acorn is having their second tax and financial aid workshop coming up on July 27th located at Vanier Community Service Centre (270 Marier AVE). This workshop will help individuals learn more about taxes, good bookkeeping, and financial practices, as well as learning how to find more financial benefits available to them. All workshops run from [...]

It’s Elimu Charity BBQ time again!

To our Ottawa-based friends: What a year we’ve had! The new Elimu Resource Centre in Malindi has provided a base for our projects and a hub for our children. We now have a place for staff to do their work (not Nina’s home). There is meeting space for kids to do peer teaching during the [...]

Registration Link for ACORN Tax and Financial Aid Clinics

Here is the link for individuals to register for the tax and financial aid work shops;  

Tax & Financial Support Workshops – ACORN Canada & Ottawa ACORN

These workshops are for low- to moderate-income people who identify as: – Self-employed  – entrepreneurs – contractors – freelancers – proprietors – Small Business owners Anyone who would like to learn more about good bookkeeping, tax filing, available benefits and credits, and smart financial practices would benefit greatly from attending these workshops! Costs :  Cost-recovery [...]

Royal Assent for Bill C-6 (an act amending the Citizenship Act)!

Yesterday Bill C-6 (an act amending the Citizenship Act) received Royal Assent. Some of key changes include: * reducing the physically present in Canada requirement from four out of six years, to three out of five years; * removing the requirement that applicants must demonstrate that they intend to continue to live in Canada once [...]