Now this is City building at it’s best!

During the inaugural Glow Fair last week, artists and citizens from across downtown partnered with our team to help visualize what Somerset Ward could look like. It’s really something to see over four hours of work come together in this amazing 60 second video.

This week we reached a special milestone: the 10,000 door mark, and I cannot thank my New Ottawa team enough! 40 volunteer canvassers dedicated 500 hours over 90 days since January! The response from those 10,000 doors has been enlightening, and we look forward to continue engaging with all of you in the months to come.

The mural and 10,000 doors represent two constructive ways that we are using to hear and see your vision. Join the thousands of people who have contributed so far and have your say for a New Ottawa.

Thank you – and Happy Canada Day!


Martin Canning
Candidate, Somerset Ward
Candidat, quartier Somerset

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