Ottawa ACORN- Help fund Democracy in Action!

Dear friends, 

We are seeking extra funding help to move forward from our convention that just passed in June. We have over 110 families attend from Ottawa and it was a huge success. Because there were so many low income members who attended and many who were able to confirm last minute because of work or life (we couldn’t say no to potential engaged citizens!), with their children, we subsidized a portion of the costs. These members received intensive training, going from engaged citizens towards activists. The event was a great success (we even took over the Bank of Montreal and got a meeting with the CEO!). Since the event, members are eager to keep up the campaigns and fight. 

Our low income members and our staff are currently fundraising to keep our campaigns alive and moving forward. We are seeking any additional funds you or your organization may have to assist us in moving forward in important issues such as regulation on the major telecom companies for affordable internet pricing, fighting to raise the housing allowance for those on OW/ODSP and getting out the vote for the upcoming federal election. 

Please let us know if you can help.  If you can help us also by also forwarding this to any of your friends who might be any to help with contributions that would be amazing. 

Thank you again for all your support and help. 

In Solidarity, 

Jill O’Reilly

Head Organizer, Ottawa ACORN

Facebook: ACORN Canada and Ottawa ACORN

We’re primarily funded by our 59,000 low and moderate income members – no cheques from big banks, and corporate CEO’s. Our tiny staff makes sure that each contribution goes a long way.

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