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“People with primary greatness have a sense of stewardship about everything in life including their time, talents, money, possessions, relationships, family, and even their bodies.  They recognize the need to use all their resources for positive purposes, and they expect to be held accountable.  People with primary greatness return kindness for offense, patience for impatience.  They bring out the best in those around them by seeking to bless when being cursed, to turn the other cheek, to go the extra mile, to forgive and forget, to move on in life with cheerfulness, believing in the potential goodness of people and the eventual triumph of truth.

The moment a person attempts to become his own advocate, seeking to defend or justify himself or to return in kind the treatment he receives, he becomes caught up in the exchange of negative energy.  He and his enemy are then on the same turf, and they will either fight  or flee in such destructive ways as manipulation, violence, withdrawal, indifference, litigation or political battles.

As we give grace to others, we receive more grace ourselves.  As we affirm people, and show a fundamental belief in their capacity to grow and improve, as we bless them even when they are cursing or judging us…we build primary greatness into our personality and character.”

Stephen Covey

(adapted from “Principle-Centered Leadership”, 1991)

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