Report on Co-ops released! Finally, someone is paying attention in Canada to co-ops!

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September 17, 2012

Liberals Applaud Tabling of Report on Co-operative Sector

OTTAWA– The Special Committee on Co-operatives’ report, tabled in the House of Commons today, will play a significant role in raising awareness about the importance of the co-operative sector to Canadians, said Liberal Advocate for Co-operatives Mauril Bélanger today.

“The co-operative model is a resilient structure that places real power in the hands of each member allowing for a unique blend of business success and social responsibility,” said Mr. Bélanger. “For all of its successes, the committee heard over and over again that the co-operative model is not well understood by the government sector, and the public in general, and it is vital that we work to bridge that gap.”

The Special Committee on Co-operatives was established as a result of a Liberal Opposition Day motion brought forward this spring to highlight the fact that 2012 is the International Year of Co-operatives. In addition to recommendations that could be agreed upon by all committee members, Mr. Bélanger provided a supplementary Liberal report that outlines additional measures that the government could undertake to support the co-operative sector.

“Despite strong balance sheets, co-ops, especially new co-ops, face some significant challenges capitalizing themselves and there is clearly a role for the federal government here,” said Mr. Bélanger. “I strongly encourage all Parliamentarians to read the committee’s report and learn more about the success and challenges of the co-operative sector.”


The Committee’s report can be found here.

The Liberal supplementary report can be found here.


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