Ripple of Hope- From Bobby Kennedy to Barack Obama…to You!

In the link below, there is a short but very powerful speech by newly elected President Obama to some of his campaign workers, most of who are in their early twenties. In it he quotes from my political hero, Senator Robert Kennedy’s famous “Ripple of Hope” speech. President Obama’s words are heartfelt, his emotion sincere and unscripted. Today as we remember previous generations of young idealistic men and women, who in their time stepped up to fight tyranny and injustice, let us all remember that these struggles continue and that we will continue to need idealistic men and women to “step up” and use their talents and skills to seek and build a new world. I know that I am greatly inspired by the work of organizations like ACORN in Ottawa and the law students of the University of Ottawa who together are assisting tenants to stand up for their rights. I am inspired by all those who have stood and continue to stand up for the rights of refugees across Canada and who stand as allies with our indigenous brothers and sisters in their traditional territories. Paul Hawken talks of the “Blessed Unrest”. Let it be so.

Today let us remember, and then reflect, and then ACT!


  1. Brendan Carr says:

    Hey George
    thank you for the inspiration. You are right, now more than ever we need to step up to do the right thing and build a better world. We have more tools, knowledge and resources at hand than ever before and the risks have never been greater.

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