Rural Social Enterprise Practitioners’ Institute


When and where

Tuesday, June 17 and Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at Lady Eaton College, Trent University.


The rural SE Practitioners Institute is a 2-day learning process geared to current and emerging SE development practitioners, primarily consultants, working with nonprofits and social businesses. The focus of this session will be on social enterprise in the context of local and community based economic development, as well as the similarities and differences in consulting with nonprofits seeking to earn revenue as compared to private sector businesses.
Particular themes to be considered this year include:

  • social finance and local investment tools;
  • measuring social impact in SE; and,
  • governance and regulation in SE.

The 2014 institute will engage both Anglophone and Francophone rural SE practitioners in sessions in both languages.


Current and emerging social enterprise development practitioners with a particular interest in rural development.

This second annual rural Social Enterprise Practitioners Institute will be of interest to nonprofit and business consultants with some experience working with nonprofit sector clients on earned revenue strategies or social entrepreneurial initiatives. As well, it is open to emerging practitioners keen on learning more about consulting with nonprofit social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. The Institute also welcomes post-secondary level students engaged in community-based research with social enterprises and small businesses who are exploring their potential role in social enterprise development. Both Francophone and Anglophone participants are welcome.
We are extending this invitation to prospective participants who:

  • Are interested in being social enterprise development practitioners and doing SE consulting
  • Bring a curiosity and willingness to engage in a learning process and community
  • Will contribute case studies to the learning process
  • Are committed to linking up with regional and provincial social enterprise support organizations to get more involved in rural SE work

Priority will be given to participants referred from Rural Social Enterprise Constellation (RSEC) regional partners, associates of RSEC, members of the Canadian CED Network, and past participants.


Rural Social Enterprise Constellation Project (a collaboration convened by the Ontario Nonprofit Network), in partnership with COIN.


The Rural Social Enterprise Constellation’s Practitioners Institute contributes to the success of nonprofit social enterprises as a strategy for community resilience, in particular in rural communities in Ontario, by enhancing the knowledge, skills and networks of social enterprise development coaches, consultants, and community-based researchers.


Throughout the Institute participants and facilitators will:

  • Share a common language and development approach to nonprofit social enterprise development;
  • Engage in hands-on exploration of the processes and tools for effective, high impact social enterprise development;
  • Discuss the role of the social enterprise consultant in working with enterprising nonprofits and social entrepreneurs;
  • Identify and unpack the key success factors, critical issues and development traps in nonprofit social enterprise development and consulting;
  • Tell stories of rural and urban social enterprise development and key SE models that will ground and extend learning;
  • Grow our learning on the differences and similarities between rural and urban social enterprise development experience;
  • Document and evaluate the Institute as a new and evolving SE sector learning opportunity; and,
  • Expand our understanding of the context and critical moments in the evolving social enterprise sector in Ontario and Canada

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