The core services provided by Integral North are:

Immigration & Refugee Law

George understands the challenges that newcomers face in immigrating to and getting settled in Canada.  He has been involved extensively in developing programs that assist immigrants in gaining employment in their chosen field or in starting their own businesses.  This is a time of significant changes to Canada’s immigration policies.  Based in Ottawa, George can effectively guide you through the immigration process. Let George assist you to immigrate to Canada!

Community Development Law

George is a recognized expert in the field of community development law.  He developed and teaches a course in this emerging field of practice at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law and was a co-founder of the Collaborative for Innovative Social Enterprise Development.  In recent years, a host of factors have eroded the boundaries between nonprofit, government and business sectors, leading to numerous social innovations such as social enterprise and impact investment in dealing with community sustainability and economic development.  The regulatory environment is constantly evolving to keep up with innovation in this sector.  Let George be your trusted advisor as you move your community forward!


George is a trained mediator.  As the costs of litigation and other forms of dispute resolution have increased dramatically over the years and the traditional legal system has become overloaded, individuals and businesses have looked to mediation to bring a faster and less expensive way to solve their disputes.  Let George assist you in resolving your dispute.

Community Economic Development / Social Enterprise Consulting

George has been a leader in the field of community economic development (CED) for over 25 years.  He has a Master’s Degree in CED, initiated the development of several Ottawa based CED organizations including the Ottawa Entrepreneurship Centre and the Ottawa Community Loan Fund and has served on numerous Boards and Committees at the National, Provincial and local level dealing with CED.  George understands what is involved at all stages of the business development and innovation process for both individuals and communities. Contact George today!

Government Relations

Ideas shape public policy and your interests depend more intensely than ever on the way your ideas gain influence among government decision-makers.  You can only affect the debate if you make your message clear, make your voice heard and make every opportunity count.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss your unique needs, and to devise the roadmap to finding the best possible solution to your needs. For our contact details, please visit our Contact Page