Wills & Powers of Attorney

In order to ensure that your intentions or wishes are followed in the event of death in a timely and tax-effective matter, it is important that you have a valid and current Will and Power of Attorney (for both Property and Personal Care.)  If you happen to pass away without these documents, you run the risk of your estate being needlessly subjected to tax, legal challenges, and delays. All of the preceeding can cause unwanted stress amongst family members at a difficult time.  A properly drafted Will can avoid this!  A Power of Attorney is a legal document that permits an individual chosen by you to act on your behalf in the event that you are mentally incapable of managing your financial and personal affairs.

My services include:

  • Reviewing your Will/Powers of Attorney questionnaire;
  • Contacting you to obtain relevant and clarifying information for your Will/Powers of Attorney;
  • Explaining the nature and effect of your Will/Powers of Attorney;
  • Drafting your Will/Powers of Attorney based on your instructions;
  • Meeting with you to review and finalize the Will/Powers of Attorney;
  • Witnessing your signature and preparing Affidavits of Execution;
  • Providing you with an original copy of your Will/Powers of Attorney;
  • Instructing you regarding storing and caring for your Will.


Single Standard Will: $200 + HST

Power of Attorney: $75 + HST each

Two Standard Wills & Four Powers of Attorney for a couple: $550 + HST

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