Urgent! Professor Homa Hoodfar needs your help!

PROFESSOR HOMA HOODFAR HOSPITALISED AFTER IRANIAN JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES VIOLATE DOMESTIC LAWS, TRY TO DISMISS LAWYER, REFUSE BAIL, AND KEEP HER IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT Montreal / London (30 August 2016) – It has been three months since Professor Homa Hoodfar was arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned in Iran. Since 6 June 2016, she has been held in [...]

Today is International Human Rights Day! – Here are some things you can do to Celebrate it!

Your right to freedom of speech, equal treatment, and freedom from torture and a whole range of violations were enshrined on December 10th, 1948, when almost every nation signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We’re celebrating our rights and speaking out on some of the most pressing issues – globally and here in Canada – where we believe public [...]