Urgent! Professor Homa Hoodfar needs your help!

PROFESSOR HOMA HOODFAR HOSPITALISED AFTER IRANIAN JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES VIOLATE DOMESTIC LAWS, TRY TO DISMISS LAWYER, REFUSE BAIL, AND KEEP HER IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT Montreal / London (30 August 2016) – It has been three months since Professor Homa Hoodfar was arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned in Iran. Since 6 June 2016, she has been held in [...]

6th Annual Somali Hope Academy Gala! Check it out!

I would like to invite you to  our 6th Annual Somali Hope Academy Gala. Please share it with all your contacts. This year’s gala will be held on: Date: Saturday April 23rd, 2016 Time: 6:30pm-930pm Location: 4899 Uplands Drive (EY Centre -Halls C&D), please note that there will be free parking. We have had huge turnouts [...]

“WalkFree.Org” – Let’s end slavery now!

“The fact that millions continue to be trapped in exploitative and dehumanizing conditions is a terrible stain on modern society” – Nisha Varia, Human Rights Watch.1 As Valentine’s Day approaches and stores line their shelves with cards and candies to celebrate the holiday, you may be considering buying a box of chocolates for your loved [...]