Upcoming Ottawa ACORN Actions – Support Social Justice in Ottawa!

Ottawa Tenant Survey Press Conference – Fri, March 10th at 1pm at 1480 Heron rd – ACORN members and low income tenants have been completing ACORN’s city wide Tenant Survey to showcase the state of housing in Ottawa and the need for landlord licensing! Join us as we present the results to the public for [...]

Let’s discuss the LEAP Manifesto! – June 14th 6:30- City Hall

Progressive friends in Ottawa:   I hope this email finds you well. This is a quick pitch about a community forum being organized soon (June 14) on the Leap Manifesto. As you likely know, the Leap Manifesto has been widely criticized in the mainstream press, and it’s caused major debates on the left. We think something that [...]

World Social Forum -Montreal from the 9th to the 14th of August 2016

  We invite social movements from around the world to make the next World Social Forum (WSF) a meeting essential for sharing our mobilizations and our resistance and for strengthening our struggles. We want the WSF in Montreal to be not only a place for sharing broad guidelines, but also to be a space that [...]