Looking for a gift? Why not make a purchase that won’t just make the receiver happy… …it will also benefit Ontario, and your local community!

Browse through 47 featured goods and services that Ontario social enterprises have to offer. This newly launched Social Enterprise Gift Guide makes it easy to extend the impact of your giving. It is fully searchable and features a wide range of gift ideas from diverse social enterprises, including nonprofits, for-profits, co-operatives and B Corps. The [...]

Share the Co-op Advantage Over Co-op Week! – Lot’s to Celebrate!

As a lawyer who practices Co-op law and is a founding member of the Co-op Lawyers Network affiliated with CoopZone I am pleased to pass on this great information! Co-op Week is being celebrated from October 16 to 22 this year – the same week as International Credit Union Day, which is on October 20! It [...]

Sickened by the Panama Banking Scandal…here is where we can do something about it!

What will a fairer and more democratic economy look like? From worker-owned factories to the Movement for Black Lives, the seeds of that society are already sprouting. Growing them means telling better stories not just about what’s wrong with this economy, but how a new one—run by and for the 99 percent—can put food on [...]