Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund Now Accepting Applications for 2017 Scholarship and Honorary Award

The Ralph K. Morris Foundation is now accepting applications for scholarships from the Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund. This Fund provides two scholarships and honorary awards to graduate students or law students interested in agriculture and cooperatives.  For more information on the guidelines of the scholarship fund and application forms, please visit our website at www.ralphkmorrisfoundation.org. [...]

Seattle-Protecting farmland and developing more sustainable neighbourhoods! Could it work here?

Interesting article on how Seattle is using an innovative tool to protect farmland and develop more dense, sustainable neighbourhoods.  With Ottawa having the most farms within it’s municipal boundaries of any city in North America, we should be looking at this program seriously. “There are unseen upsides to the sea of cranes stacking new apartment [...]

Ottawa’s Creativity-Reality Gap (Part I) Guest Blog- Martin Canning

In 2009, the Martin Prosperity Institute – a creation of Richard Florida – partnered with the Ontario Government to benchmark Ottawa-Gatineau’s competitive performance in the so-called creative economy. Our ’3Ts’ were evaluated: technology, talent, and tolerance. Surprisingly – or not – we placed number one. According to Florida’s creativity index, Ottawa-Gatineau is the most creative [...]