Upcoming Ottawa ACORN Actions – Support Social Justice in Ottawa!

Ottawa Tenant Survey Press Conference – Fri, March 10th at 1pm at 1480 Heron rd - ACORN members and low income tenants have been completing ACORN’s city wide Tenant Survey to showcase the state of housing in Ottawa and the need for landlord licensing! Join us as we present the results to the public for the first time!

Join us to pressure banks lower NSF fees.Ottawa members will meet outside the Post Office on Elgin and Sparks on March 21. Tuesday, at 12pm-2pm- to march to 5 major banks on and around Bank St.

Orleans Transit Action – Wed, March 22nd from 7am-9am at the Trim Park & Ride – Join Orleans ACORN leaders as we petition the early risers for better service and increased routes for the 91 and 94!

Caldwell Housing Action – Thurs, March 23rd at 12pm at 1485 Caldwell Ave - Members of ACORN living on Caldwell ave have had enough of the roaches, the bedbugs, the disrespect from management and lack of maintenance. Join us to demand the City make tenant issues a priority!


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