Volunteers needed for new Indigenous Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG)

KAIROS Canada (kairoscanada.org) is seeking 2 -3 volunteers to develop and test a model for the systematic monitoring of federal legislation as it affects Indigenous peoples.  This will be an entirely volunteer project done in consultation with Indigenous organizations and individuals. It will take for its starting point and direction the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  The intent and task is:

  •  Monitor the political and parliamentary process of legislation;
  • Produce analytical summaries of emerging, proposed and in some cases recently enacted legislation, and its impact on Indigenous peoples in Canada;
  • Make the monitoring and summaries available to as broad a constituency as possible;
  • Suggest practical “what you can do” actions or recommendations to constituencies when legislation is proposed that negatively impacts Indigenous rights;
  • Monitor and support where possible actions taken by KAIROS and other organizations working to  monitor and oppose legislation that negatively impacts Indigenous rights.

This is a pilot project.  Volunteers should have a concern for Indigenous peoples’ rights and a basic understanding of parliamentary processes.  An ability to read and understand legislation and write in either or both French and English is important.  Participants should be prepared to spend time attending House of Commons or Senate Committees to familiarize themselves with the processes and Members, and subsequently to follow Committee proceedings in video or audio.

KAIROS will provide some initial training and orientation, and be responsible for seeing that there is ongoing supervision.   KAIROS is prepared to work within course guidelines and with academic supervisors for students who would like to undertake this project for credit.

For further information contact

Colin Stuart (KAIROS Volunteer)


(please put “PMG” in the subject line

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