Why Corporate Giants Pay Less Tax Than Us – Ottawa Screening of Documentary “The Price We Pay”

What: Ottawa Screening of Documentary “The Price We Pay”

When: Tuesday June 16, 2015

Where:  Shaw Centre, 55 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Who: Dennis Howlett, Tax Watchdog and Consultant on Documentary

A film about the murky world of offshore tax havens is set for a screening at Ottawa’s downtown Shaw Centre June 16 at 7pm.

The Price We Pay by Harold Crooks goes behind the scenes to show how multinationals and the super-wealthy game the system to avoid paying tax. Crooks previous work includes The Corporation and Surviving Progress which was produced by film maker Martin Scorsese. In Canada, there is at least $199 Billion officially reported corporate funds in the top ten tax havens – part of the $38 trillion diverted internationally.

“Corporations and the super-wealthy are using this as a mega-loophole to avoid paying their fair share of taxes,” says Dennis Howlett, executive director of watchdog group Canadians for Tax Fairness and an executive member of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.  “Google, Apple, Starbucks – we’ve all heard the stories. But this documentary takes you through a 90 minute journey to see how they get away with it and how our politicians stand idly by.”

The screening is sponsored by Canadians for Tax Fairness and the Association for Canadian Financial Officers as part of the Funding Democracy conference.

Admission is by donation at the door to support Tax Fairness’ fight to tackle tax havens. A photo petition booth will also be open to audience members who want to send a message to corporations to stop shifting profits out of the country where they are made. There will be a short question and answer period following the screening.

Here’s a trailer, blog, article and interview for more background.

For more information:                          Dennis.Howlett@taxfairness.ca  613.863.3670

                                                              Gail.Dugas@taxfairness.ca         613.334.5658

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